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Welcome to North Herefordshire Constituency Labour Party

For more than 100 years the Labour Party, through the efforts of our members and supporters, has brought about massive social change.  Our proudest achievements include the welfare state, the NHS, our education system, and equal pay.  However, we know that even a century later, our country, and many of our institutions remain in the grip of a wealthy and privileged few.

North Herefordshire has seen a large increase in membership over the last three years. As a result, there has been a reorganisation and new Branch formed. The constituency now is broken down into two branches, Leominster and Ledbury. Members are free to attend either branch meetings and get involved.

Made up of over 600 members from across our community and all walks of life, we are a strong and diverse team, committed to improving North Herefordshire CLP.

We will be organising campaigns at both branch and constituency level and would encourage members and supporters to get involved. We understand that only by cooperation and our active involvement locally and nationally can we defend our vision for a fairer society, where equality of opportunity means exactly that.